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lunes, 24 de julio de 2017

Friendship + love = solidarity

'In a world collapsing under the weight of the search for profit, invaded by the insatiable sirens of techno-science and the greed of power, by globalization and the new forms of slavery - beyond all of this, friendship and love exist.'
Cartier-Bresson, at the age of 95. 

Solidarity is not a state of mind.
Solidarity is not a kind of doubt.
Solidarity is not a good or bad habit.
Solidarity is not here to answer questions.
Solidarity is key to resisting.
Solidarity is an imperative in relation to weak, powerless victims.
Solidarity is binding people, you and me, together as one.
Solidarity is social cohesion.
Solidarity is mutual support.
Solidarity is as the perfect poem,
                                                      as light as dust and as lonely as a single flea.

(After having read The Perfect Poem by Kaveh Akbar)

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